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SHANNON + SAM // #wedding #realwedding #realbride #coolbride #bride #weddingplanning #weddinginspiration #weddingstyle #brisbanewedding #brisbanebride #brisbanecouple #australianwedding #aussiewedding #weddingday #weddingdetails
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Andi Mejia Day-of Items Portfolio
Personalized Crystal Flutes & Engraved Cake Set Ivory & Gold wedding theme | Gift Idea for couple
Delight yourself or a loved one with this personalized keepsake set that is encrusted with crystals and laser engraved. The set is made in the author's design and in its concept contains an elegant flower composition, that conveys the essence of continuously blossoming love. Each element of the set is handmade by at least 7 craftswoman, who work on every detail with special care and love. To order - go to our website! Link in bio.
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Acrylic Invitation. Gold Foil Print. optional Acrylic - Etsy
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#acrylicinvitations, #weddingcard, #weddinginvitations, #luxuryinvitations, #clearinvitations, #r… | Lüks düğün davetiyeleri, Düğün davetiyesi tasarımı, Davetiyeler
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the tables are set up with white linens and greenery for an elegant wedding reception
Soft Draping and Romantic Florals at Exclusive Wedding Venue, Lapstone Barn