Timber merchant's house

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the house is surrounded by trees and greenery, with stairs leading up to it
Kuranda Backpacker's hostel
the back yard is surrounded by trees and plants
a white picket fence in front of a house with trees and bushes around it that reads reception
a small white building with a palm tree in front of it and a blue door
Kuranda | Regev Ayalon
an unmade bed in a small room with luggage on the floor and clothes hanging out to dry
My room at the hostel
a white house surrounded by trees and bushes
Kuranda Backpackers Hostel
two people holding a cake with lit candles on it in front of an open door
Marlies birthday
a shirtless man sitting on a couch cutting into a piece of cake
Hans drawing strawberry
a man sitting in a chair with his feet up on the floor while reading a book
Hans 3
a living room with two chairs and a coffee table
Hans 2
a man sitting in a chair with his feet up on the floor while looking at a book
Hans 1
an empty swimming pool surrounded by trees and people sitting at the table in front of it
Swimming Pool
some people are sitting on couches in a living room and one person is reading
Common room
some people are sitting at a green table
Common room
two people laying on bunk beds in a room
Veranda room