Very neat bathroom layout with the washing machine. Washing machine is exposed but neatly tucked away - Modern Bathroom

Дизайн трехкомнатной квартиры на ул. М. Ульяновой в г. Москва в скандинавском стиле

Small bathrooms can have just as much character as large ones. The colour coded door handles are an especially cool touch here.


Минимальные расстояния между оборудованием / Spazi minimi di rispectto per gli apparecchi sanitari / Minimal areas of respect for health appliances.

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And guessing (NB!) these are renderings of the new Edition Gurgaon. Same style as for the Sanya, sleek and understated luxury.

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Bathroom Design Tips In long and narrow create more visual space by extending the flooring all the way up to the walls. Marble and a big mirror will give a fine touch!