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Change knelt down beside me in the wilderness, and in the gentlest voice I’ve ever heard, she said “I love being the reason for all of your beginnings”. Then she kissed the tears from my eyes, stood up, and reached for my hand. -- another dream?


This image looks un normal a child swinging as high as the moon, the tree looks deformed. It makes you think who is pushing her and having black and white as the only colours of the image.I think makes the image feel spooky

Tonight I’ll sing my songs again. I’ll play the game and pretend, but all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity like emptiness in harmony. I need someone to comfort me. Simon and Garfunkel


I walked through the woods seeing the darkness around me. I have no fear for once in my life. I am a being of light i have always feared the dark but now it comforts me. The fallen angel.