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The 50 Funniest Tumblr Posts Of All Time...Hahahah! "Lol omg bitch be tryin 2 hard"

When a girl changes her clothes in front of you, she's either really interested or you're level 99 friend-zoned, or she hasn't spotted you in tree yet, two kinds of people

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I agree, being an artist is a strange talent. Like it just comes to you, really it's a gift from God. //Yeah, it must be a miracle to be able to draw, right? Like it doesn't take practice or anything; it just comes to selected people.

Vegans... Tumblr funny

cannibals-insomnia: “ I’m putting my cat on a vegan diet. that’s animal abuse” No it’s not. a vegan-only diet is actually very healthy for them. “cats are carnivores.