Облака Юпитера. «Джуно» пролетел вблизи поверхности газового гиганта — Meduza

The images that NASA's Juno spacecraft captured reveal an atmosphere much more complex than previously thought.

Облака Юпитера. «Джуно» пролетел вблизи поверхности газового гиганта — Meduza

Juno Spacecraft Skims Jupiter's Cloud Tops in Its Flyby - NASA's Juno spacecraft captured this enhanced-color view of Jupiter during its fourth close flyby on Feb.


Timelapse of Dormant ‘Rose of Jericho’ Plants Exploding to Life After Exposure to Water. From Colossal: The Rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla) is a species of desert moss that has the amazi…

Partly to make up for being a nause and posting my breakfast , partly because I had a ridiculously good day at work , and the other part of knowing I will be lazy at editing my 'proper' photos and will go eat and  start drawing and blah blah ....but here is a little sneaky one of milo- who is , and obviously I feel guilty saying this - but probably the most photogenic cat muse I've ever had?? Like one day you're going to see him as a luxuriously outstretched centre fold as some rag doll pin…

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My Heart Is Within You

Sometimes, the right words don't feel right.

I can't unlove you.

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