Joe Hush_ 'Salmon Fishing' Scotland

Joe Hush_ 'Salmon Fishing' Scotland

Fishing by the Mill_Edmund Darch Lewis_1868

Going Fishing - Edmund Darch Lewis at Lepore Fine Arts

Hanks Steve The Fishermen

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Johan Edvard Bergh (Sweden, 1828-1880

An Angler By A Waterfall - Edward Bergh


Home in the Woods 1847 Thomas Cole - Thomas Cole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fishing with Nets, Evening_Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot_1845-1850

Fishing with Nets, Evening_Jean-Baptiste-Camille

Jim Daly  (30)

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Anglers By A Cottage On A River Bank - (James Netherlands)

James Burrell Smith - An angler before a waterfall

Artworks of John Brandon Smith (British, 1848 - from galleries, museums and auction houses worldwide.



Henry Sumner Watson

Henry Sumner Watson

Henry John Yeend King (1855-1924)_Taunton - Landscape with Children Fishing

Henry John Yeend King - Landscape with Children Fishing