Kids Always Make Us Laugh – 18 Funny Vintage Photos Show the Mischief of Children

Кроме высшего образования нужно иметь хотя бы среднее соображение и, как минимум , начальное воспитание

September luck,sweethearts ( from the both side of the barricade :)

(29) Одноклассники

(29) Одноклассники

17 открыток о тонкостях русского языка

17 postcards about the intricacies of the Russian language -

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Mirrors are a common trope in photography, but no less fun or exciting even though they are used a lot. Today I put together some of my favorite mirror play.

Funny pictures about Shadow forms made by hand. Oh, and cool pics about Shadow forms made by hand. Also, Shadow forms made by hand.

Яндекс.Картинки: поиск по картинке

Яндекс.Картинки: поиск по картинке

Mirror art

woman-holding-mirror-on-grass-reflection. self-portrait of photographer Laura Williams, an artist from Cambridge, UK. The mirror illusion was achieved in post-production using Photoshop with the idea of being ‘invisible’ or ‘transparent’.

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+    Day at the salon.

harvestheart: “ ikilledjackjohnson: “Hairdresser’s Hot Dog, by John Drysdale, 1960 ” HH: Family Day at the Salon.