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Login Page Animation. 2 Invites Giveaway


Dualshock4 - Sketch & Principle Freebie

Sketch App sources, DualShock 4 - Sketch and Principle resource, for Sketch App. DualShock 4 - Sketch and Principle attachment zoom image.

Mapclouds 3x adaptivepattern 2

Map Exploration - Clouds Parallax on framerjs

Demmoz search optimize

Demooz animation search

UI Interactions of the week — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium

Dribbble nsconf adriansomoza

NSConf - Animation

This is the animation I did for NSConf. We ended up simplifying it in the front-end. I would've also liked to animate the abstract shape in so it could be zoomed in/out and rotated as well.