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Lands of Tuscany: The Serchio Valley by Alessandro Puccinelli, via Behance

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QRxoMIdaW3A.jpg (640×640)

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TV explorer attacked by polar bear - Tourism: Arctic-Info

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Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado would go snowshoeing here every winter! Great Place to Umm. Then travel on up the Poudre Canyon to Rustic and stop in the little restaurant for a bowl of Chili and some coffee.

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winter sea images, image search, & inspiration to browse every day.

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hfMo9GAzbQA.jpg (700×525)

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The Ice Crown Antarctic Sound Antarctica February 2010 -- More info could be found at the image url.

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- Budapest Water Summit 2016 - A befagyott tó (Lofoten-szigetek)