Blooming Anthurium plant will produce red flowers placed above glossy leaves, its flowers are long-lasting which makes them a very popular flowers.

The Peace Lily aids in the removing alcohols, acetone, trichloroethylene, and benzene. It has the ability to remove many pollutants and it has topped NASA list to be among houseplants for removing all 3 common VOCs

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Stathiphyllum wallisii - peace lily Great plant for a kitchen or bedroom.and helps clean the air in whatever room it is in. Do not put in direct sun in summer, but it wants direct winter sunlight so it can make flowers in the springtime.

Выращивание кофейного дерева в домашних условиях

Outdoor living spaces like balconies porches are small, but decorating them with flowers add charm to your apartment building or house exterior design and create beautiful places to enjoy the outdoors, to relax and entertain in style