Beach stones

A great way to personalize home decor is with a do it yourself project. A DIY floor lamp is a project that is not overly complicated and yet can really add a unique flavor to a room. Using natural wood for the stand and twine for the shade will give a.

Recycled Barrel Stave Wine Rack

Barrel Wine Rack

Barrel Wine Rack - This rustic rack is cleverly fashioned from two full-size wine barrel staves. It holds five bottles horizontally in sturdy metal barrel rings.

The coolest recycled glass art I've seen in...ever!

Maglova Recycled Glass Art

grolsh lamp MAGLOVA recycled glass art in glass with packagings Glass Art by statesilviudaniel

Reclaimed Wood Industrial Wine Rack by WeAreDesignEvolution on Etsy

Stunning reclaimed wood wine rack with remarkable detail and an industrial edge. Takes any dining room or wine bar up a notch. Priced at (Diy Wood Work House)

Side table to save space

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Rustic Glass Wine Rack by RinehimerWoodworking on Etsy

Rustic Glass Wine Rack

Maybe do the big nails on an already wooden accent wall or bottom booze shelf. Prefect for the kitchen, dining room, or home bar. Wine glass rack is conducted from 100 year old barn

Driftwood wall lights.

driftwood lamp installed in a wall - since it's all painted white it has a rustic-meets-modern feel (Diy Decoracion Casa)

Botella de vino lámpara Kate & Cassie Cabernet por VineShine

recycle a wine bottle, get a lamp shade, add mini lights (amber) ~ BOOM! you've got a handmade lamp ~ awesome idea

14 Diy Wine Racks Made Of Wood

14 Diy Wine Racks Made Of Wood