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Alpaca Sherlock & Corgi John. (BRB, DYING)

why is sherlock an alpaca? why is this so adorable? why am i even pinning this? <---- because Sherlock and Jawn are alpaca's and Korgees and they are still gay and it's still adorable!

I love this so much.

thetwelfthpanda: “ Kudos to ALL the countries that legalized same-sex marriage.

I'm going to explode with feels!! SO FREAKING CUTE!!!! I love Johnlock <3

30 day OTP challenge - holding hands-- I LOVE THIS << I don't really ship the whole Johnlock thing but this is adorable <<<I ship it. The only thing you can do is accept and make sure it flourishes

we sail the seas of lives and beliefs

Somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond - thegreencarousel - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

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