JRR Tolkien by LunaLouise.deviantart.com

audreybenjaminsen: “ Let me first just say that I am so very very VERY VERY verrrryyy stoked for the Hobbit movie this December. And then secondly, without further ado… a tribute to the brains behind.

Саурон,Майрон, Гортхаур Жестокий Сильмариллион

melkorwashere: Sketches of Sauron’s armor during II Age (before Numenor) I wanted to make a helmet in the shape of one of his animals - wolves, bats or snakes.

Холодное Сердце: Концепт арты

Concept art for Disney's "Frozen" by Minkyu Lee. -- totally thought Kristoff was Shan Yu for a minute there.