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an animal dressed up as a geisha warrior with two swords and flowers on its head
Творческий Индивидуум. Запись со стены.
a drawing of a frog with a bow and arrow in his hand, ready to shoot
a drawing of a person holding a stick and a flower in their hand with a butterfly on it
Conor Nolan on X
a drawing of a frog dressed in armor and holding a green shield with two swords
[oc] Finally finished a frog fighter I sketched over a year ago!
a cartoon frog holding an ax and wearing armor with a hammer in it's hand
Croquis, Character Design Animation
a drawing of a frog dressed in pirate garb
lol guy
Cartoon Character Design
Grung Warrior
a blue and white frog with an armor on in front of some trees, looking at the camera
Pokémon, Manga, Character Drawing
Grung Paladin
Anime, Furry Art, Character Inspiration, Falcon Character Design
Samurai, Loke, Kermit, Ilustrasi, Inspirasi
Grung Knight