Here are some things we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too. Similar to the Mother’s Day photo we found, we love this cool way of capturing four generations in a single shot for a very special Father’s Day gift. Speaking of which, check out the first post in our Father’s …

Web Coolness: Father's Day inspiration, The Sisterhood of Mothers, and what to do with bored kids this summer

[tps_header] Fathers Day is almost here, get prepared with a personalized and unique gift. Check out the best 20 Fathers Day DIY gift ideas.[/tps_header] Dad’s Own Toolbox DIY source:.

Desafortunadamente, a pesar de la honestidad y pureza de esta forma de arte, la actitud de las masas hacia este género de la fotografía ha sido marcada y alterada por prejuicios sociales, dogmas religiosos y principios morales falsos. La gente que lo entiende ve y aprecia el valor artístico de la fotografía de desnudos; ve en ella mucho más que pornografía. Las fotografías acentúan las emociones; y muchos fotógrafos las consideran un estudio al cuerpo humano (es común que el rostro del…

Fotografiando la estética del cuerpo humano

Только русский способен прочесть этот иероглиф

Только русский способен прочесть этот иероглиф

By Jessica Neuwerth. She lives in the clouds and talks to the birds, she's not like the other girls I know.

This picture shows movement because the girl is twirling and dancing. The birds are flying to the left of her which is creating a lot of movement in the picture. This picture causes you to think about the birds flying and dancing.

Witch from Newyork

Which of these two double-headed illusions do you think is best? Vote your choice by commenting below. In each image, which face did you see first? Face forward or face to the side?

Rachel Baran is an extraordinarily talented U.S.-based photographer who creates amazing surreal and conceptual portraits that thousands of people have fallen in love with. And she’s only 20 years old.

Powerful and Surreal Self Portraits by 20-Year-Old Rachel Baran

PHOTOGRAPHY: Magical Self-Portraits by Rachel Baran Rachel Baran, a 20 year old photographer hailing from Ohio, captures herself in stunningly surreal scenarios. [[MORE]] Whether she looks like a dark.

Penny Dreadful, Netflix.

骷髅 ? The complete third season of the Showtime fantasy horror series PENNY DREADFUL, Ethan (Josh Hartnett), Vanessa (Eva Green) and Dr. Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) as they confront their inner demons as

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В нашей стране, чтобы стать самым богатым на кладбище жить придется вечно... Лучшие аткрытки 2014

В нашей стране, чтобы стать самым богатым на кладбище жить придется вечно... Лучшие аткрытки 2014