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Emperor penguins head for the open ocean in search of food. The brownish patches above them are microalgae that cling to the sea ice and start to photosynthesize in spring. The photographer’s day camp was on one of these floes.

A California sea lion investigates a drifting kelp paddy teeming with fish in the waters of Cortes Banks, located a hundred miles off of San Diego.

#INFOgraphic > Impossible Barbie: What are the chances for the average woman to attain the Barbie-look ? Almost zero, as it is plausibly impossible to hit all the measurements of such  idealized proportions. Even models and anorexics miss here. See how far from reality is the barbie standard.  >

LOOK: What A Barbie Body Would Look Like In Real Life - At this point, it's common knowledge that Barbie's body isn't the most realistic. But what would it actually look like if the famous Mattel doll was a real woman?

I completely support Gender Equality and not women over men! That's just rude and wrong to me!<<<This post is extremely true. Men and women are equal.

Gaming critic Anita Sarkeesian was recently featured on the anti-bullying panel at Vidcon During the panel she called an audience member a "Shithead" & "Garbage Human" in violation of Vidcon rules. Vidcon later apologized not to the victim, but to An

Creative and powerful way to get a message across.

Publicity done right in an anti-rape campaign: double-page spread, pages glued to one another. After the reader forcefully separates them, the image above is revealed with the caption “if you have to use force, it’s rape”. THIS IS BRILLIANT

Artist Filippo Ioco travels the world to produce his spectacular body painting series called Landscapes where nude models are cloaked in natural-colored pigments and pose in various settings