Дмитрий Глоба

Дмитрий Глоба

Дмитрий Глоба
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Soul Eater Manga | Monday Anime and Manga news RoundUp!: New Soul Eater manga to premiere ...

Soul Eater Maka and the other students at the Death Weapon Meister Academy must kill 99 evil humans and one witch, absorbing their spirits when they die. As they go about this task, Maka and her human weapon, Soul, strengthen their bond.

Re:Zero - Subaru and Otto #lyingdown #sitting

Re:Zero - Subaru and Otto

392292-1000x1411-shigatsu+wa+kimi+no+uso-miyazono+kaori-arima+kousei-wingheart-long+hair-tall+image.png (1000×1411)

Imagen anime con shigatsu wa kimi no uso miyazono kaori arima kousei wingheart long hair tall image short hair blush blue eyes black hair blonde hair sitting cherry blossoms girl male uniform school uniform animal petals tree (trees)