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an old book with gold trimmings is open on a white surface, showing the pages
three old books stacked on top of each other with ornate metal handles and cross decorations
an intricately designed book cover with gold and brown designs on the front, featuring a dragon's head surrounded by filigrees
Diablo III Book of Cain - Deckard Cain | PDF | Blizzard Entertainment | Leisure
many different types of doors with handles and latches
book clasps
an old book with leaves on it and four different angles to the front cover, side by side
Book of Cain - Diablo 3 Cinematics, Tyler Hunter
a red and black book with an animal's head in the middle of it
an old book with intricate designs on the front and back cover is sitting on a brown surface
Clairvoyance and Occult Powers
a leather book with an eye on it surrounded by other items and writing utensils
Dragon grimoire â A5 journal, veg tanned leather. Embossed and toned by hand. by Dragonarium
“Dragon grimoire” – this is what the runes on the cover are saying. A truly magical artifact, don’t you think Magicians of ancient Scandinavia would fight day and night for the right to own such a book.This is a readymade journal, completely handmade. One of a kind, made to order.The size is about 6×8,5 inches (22×16 cm). Almost 2″ thick (4,5cm)It has 220 blank sheets (440 sides). The paper is aged by hand, it can have spots and stains at some places.And it also smells nice – I tried to give it
a book with an eye and feathers on it
Blue dragon sketchbook by Dragonarium. Handmade dragon journal for writing or drawing
This is a ready-made dragon notebook with a cast cover. It was sculpted, casted and painted by me. Painted with high quality paints and varnished. You can choose the colour, more are available in my store! If there’s no desireable color in stock, please contact me ( you or the person you want to give this book to, like dragons, then no one will be disappointed!The book can be used as a diary, a traveler’s journal, a spellbook or book of shadows, a sketchbook and many more
a book with an eye and feathers on it
Black dragon notebook, A6 dragons eye journal. ドラゴンとノート . 龙记事本
This notebook with a dragon eye on the cover will be a great gift for anyone who loves dragons and fantastic creatures. The dragon is not a flat print, it has 3d shape and a realistic glass eye. Check the store for more colors!
a dragon's eye is seen in this handmade card with feathers on it
Deep-abyss-dragon-journal by Dragonariums on DeviantArt