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Особенно про рисовую молочную кашу хочу, наконец, рассказать. Почему она дома такой как в садике не получается. Потому что там кашу варили так: В кипящее молоко добавляли сахар-соль и всыпали рис. До…
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Use this tender, flavorful pork steak recipe to transform a cheap meat cut into an extraordinary experience.
If you've only ever known mayonnaise in the form of the quivering, jelly-ish stuff that comes in the jar with the blue lid, you're doing yourself a disservice. Like switching from briefs to boxers or walking to Mordor, trying homemade mayonnaise is the kind of thing that will forever change your life (or, at the very least, your sandwiches). Here's how to do it in under two minutes.
Sous-vide often gets touted as a technique to guarantee moist and tender pan-roasted chicken. But why limit sous-vide to hot applications? Doesn't cold chicken deserve to be just as juicy and flavorful as hot chicken? A couple dozen chicken breasts and a few days of tinkering later and I had the tastiest, juiciest, most flavor-packed chicken salad ever. Here's how it works.
Small enough to cook relatively quickly, but large and elegant enough to make a centerpiece roast, pork tenderloin is the kind of dish to pull out when you're feeling extra fancy on a weeknight. Sous vide is the most foolproof way to get it on the table with consistently great flavor and a buttery, ultra-tender texture.
Good brisket is often called the Holy Grail of barbecue. This is an apt description, given how rarely you find good smoked beef brisket in the wild. Sous vide cooking changes all that by allowing even a novice to produce brisket that's as moist and tender as the very best stuff you'll find in Austin or Lockhart, with all the savory brisket rub and smoky flavor you could want.
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pork centre loin sous vide : 57C 12h : 5% sugar %5 salt