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Gorgeous small kitchen - by Rick Poon

OK, by now everyone knows that i am all about open shelving in a small kitchen. They provide needed storage and a place to display treasures and collectibles. Use wall space and go as high as you can, but keep it orderly and interesting.

Utility dish rack

UTILITY DISHRACK This dishrack has a lot going for it in our book - its big enough to hold a decent amount of crockery for a start and looks great too.

Shelving on doors so that pantry shelves aren't too deep - genius. The amount of Toblerone and jam in this pantry - dangerous.

A gorgeous cabinet section for kitchen items and food. If no space for a designated pantry and space is available then this cabinet is perfection. Wouldn't it be nice to have both a pantry room and this cabinet?

hair! suit! shades!

The suit. The classic grey suit. The touch of plaid gives new life to a classic. I could do without the cigar, but man this a great look.