Size Magazine (Turkey) | Feb 2012

A solid black woven fabric for the basis of the pants. Minus the shiny look, the fabric reduces friction while moving and highlights the black denim straps.

Embroidered fur and leather coat, Alexander Wang - The Cut

Embroidered fur and leather coat, Alexander Wang

Formal Details: Nicholas Cope Shoots Fall Black and White Goods. Embroidered fur and leather coat, Alexander Wang.

fabric manipulation

Fabric manipulation swatches - pinch, tuck, scrunch techniques Visual Texture Suitable to aid with GCSE Question like Textures

dia des los muertos deck - El Matador King of Clubs

Edgy Brothers is raising funds for Dia de Los Muertos Bicycle Playing Cards on Kickstarter! A Bicycle Playing Card Deck inspired by the art and traditions of Dia de Los Muertos.


Wool artist Ana Teresa Barboza creates landscapes and other imagery that exists in the space between tapesty and sculpture. Mimicking the flow of waves or grass, each piece seems to tumble from its embroidery hoop where it flows down the gallery wall.