Today Is Putin's Birthday And In Russia There Was Much Rejoicing

Vladimir Putin President of Russia .

Vladimir Putin* President of Mother *Russia flexing his Strong Man abilities…

Love this man!

Vladimir Putin and his cohorts have used their UN position to thwart efforts for peace in Syria and Ukraine

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168694-5ebdee08-f2a1-11e3-999c-c6dd487c71e9.jpg (316×237)

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President of the Russian Federation V V Putin Addressed Novorossiya Opolchenie

Vladimir Putin Photos: Leaders Gather For NATO Summit

Vladimir Putin Photos Photos: Leaders Gather For NATO Summit

Vladimir Putin Photos - Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a press conference after the NATO-Russia Council meeting at the end of the NATO summit on April 2008 at Parliament Palace in Bucharest, Romania. - Leaders Gather For NATO Summit

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The Russian leader scored seven goals in his birthday game with NHL players — and in a Moscow exhibition, works of fan art depicted him in guises including Batman, Thor, Jupiter and the Buddha.

Владимир Владимирович Путин

Putin sacks EVERY commander in his Baltic fleet in Stalin-style purge

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Love this man!

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‘My breathing mom was among corpses’: Putin recalls his parents’ WWII ordeal

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Father Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin as a sailor on a submarine fleet.