СеЙбЕр ;Судьба :начало

СеЙбЕр ;Судьба :начало

СеЙбЕр ;Судьба :начало
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animal ears black legwear cat ears cat tail garter straps hat highres jack-o'-lantern kauto kushia microphylla long hair looking at viewer multiple girls original red eyes redhead simple background sitting skirt smile striped striped legwear tail wh

Alois Trancy dressed as a girl - Kuroshitsuji<<AM I the only one who noticed that he has his hair like Asunas from SAO?

The Dragneel Family.  Zeref like his mother. Natsu more like his father :3 .

The Dragneel Family Natsu Dragneel: hair style from his father; hair color from his mother Zeref Dragneel: hair style from his mother; hair color from his father


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this is the cross-dresser. His stage name is Akira Miki. He cross dresses to be close to the main character. (yes, he looks feminine, but he's straight)