The Color Thesaurus, what a chart ! Le lexique des couleurs en anglais, pour vous aider dans vos recherches Couleur / palette / traduction / anglais

The Color Thesaurus

The Color Thesaurus.this could be somewhat handy picking paint/decor colors. Also for writing, choosing a not-so-boring term for a typical color shade.

Malika Favre

London-based Malika’s work is incredibly popular, largely due to its instantly recognisable style, but also due to her incomparable skill at the art of simplifying down an image to its bear essentials and making it sing.

Bold and beautiful vintage-inspired travel illustrations for Kuoni France by Malika Favre | Creative Boom

Illustrations for Kuoni by Malika Favre “Series of travel illustrations for Kuoni France 2016 brochure, art direction by Altavia.” Malika Favre is a French artist based in London. Her bold, minimal style – often described as Pop Art meets OpArt – is.

палитры для дизайнера, сиреневый, темно-сиреневый цвет, фиолетовый и коричневый, цвет корицы, цвет шоколада, цвета для декора, цветовое решение, цветовые палитры для декора, шоколадный цвет.

Resource that helps you in color selection, specially created with this aim; it is the generator of inspiration.

Various Illustrations - 2016 - on Behance

Ray Oranges Various Illustrations - 2016 - Ilustración jpg Design Illustration