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Omnifinity, a start-up based out of Sweden, announced today the release of their Omnideck 6 virtual reality treadmill.

A 6 m wide omnidirectional motorised combined with optical tracking technology and translation software.

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As part of the promotion for Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi movie Interstellar people were could take their own journey through space using the Oculus Rift.

Virtual Reality

VRLA - Virtual Reality Summer Expo

Virtual reality startups are scrambling to create more immersive ways to experience the tech. Mindride Airflow uses a weightless harness and a wind machine to make you feel like you're soaring.

Simulador de rafting en el pabellón de Aragón en Fitur 2014

Simulador de rafting en el pabellón de Aragón en Fitur 2014

[INSIDERS] Dailymotion passe (enfin) à 360 degrés...

It is early days for augmented reality and virtual reality products but we are finally turning the corner towards increased production.Institutional investors h

Hands-On with Birdly, a Virtual Reality Flight Simulator - Tested

One of the most immersive virtual reality demos I've used uses a novel control scheme to simulate something that most people have never actually experienced before: the act of flying. And the sensation is incredible.

VRplay 2015 @ Beijing, China Virtual Reality Reporter team was invited to Beijing, China as a media partner to attend the 2nd annual VRplay Expo. VRplay is largest VR community in China, a hub for nationa-wide Chinese VR / AR enthusiasts, developers, and gamers-alike. The 2 days VR focused event ended successful …

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Experience – Whiplash

Experience – Whiplash

Birdly is a full-body simulator developed by the Institute for Design Research at the Zürich University of the Arts that attempts to recreate the flight of the red kite, a large bird of prey, by ut...

Question 3 a) It can be used for astronauts to help them get to know how space really feels, and train them, it can be used for simulating sky diving while inside a indoor skydiving place, finally it can be used to help driving students simulate driving.