Виктор Бортников

Виктор Бортников

Виктор Бортников
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TES art,The Elder Scrolls,фэндомы,Хирсин,Лорды Даэдра,TES Персонажи,Radishez

Lord Hircine and his hunting grounds .one of my favorite Princes personality…

TES art,The Elder Scrolls,фэндомы,Skyrim,Сангвин,Лорды Даэдра,TES Персонажи,Radishez

Wips and fullsize can be found on my Patreon! Thankyou everyone…

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The Orc soldiers of The Battle of the Five Armies were a mix of costumed live action performers and entirely digital characters, with varied ranks, origins, species and individuals, that offered Weta Workshop's designers ample opportunity to explore

Клавикус Вайл,Лорды Даэдра,TES Персонажи,The Elder Scrolls,фэндомы,Барбас,Radishez,Rasdishez

radishez: “ ClavicusVile and Barbas . who smells like rotting and tastes of regret ‘,;I you can see see full’size on my Patreon! support is really appreciated thankyou everyone