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Пространство, созданное талантливым художником, и красивое как сама Природа.
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Kuranda Australia-Rainforest Station, boomerang throwing lessons, holding a koala, traditional aboriginal dances/singing/instruments, a skyrail to get you up to the rainforest 2004

Aggregata Plants & Gardens: Bruno Torfs' art sculpture garden in Marysville Victoria Australia

Went here in 2006 - I want go with D next time! :D Kyoto Imperial Palace

Bruno Torfs Art and sculpture gardens . Sculptures made in terracotta.

Katsura Imperial Villa, Japan Because the shogun was the effective political power in seventeenth-century Japan, imperial architecture developed along distinctive lines. Katsura Imperial Villa was a.

Chateaux Vaux le Vicomte near Paris. Candles all around the castle + dinner by the gardens = awesome :]

Frances O'connor