Kari Sigfridsdottir by Mischeviouslittleelf - female sorcerer wizard witch sorceress mage

Concept Artist and Illustrator Even Amundsen's personal artwork Kari Sigfridsdotter, a professor at a Scandinavian version of Hogwarts.

Cover art for the Dungeons & Dragons RPG Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Wizard or Sorcerer specializes in divination magic. He consults a crystal ball. This was a cover for Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk edition D&D.


I remember your eyes Chen Bo is a digital artist based in Guangzhou, China, who created the stunning game characters. It is time Here I am waiting by chenbo Rred tide No more pain Please don’t go History of lordaeron… Continue Reading →

When O'Deldar saw the horrors beneath Moria's illusion, he made plans to liberate Asgar and hid them well from her. Now after seventeen years, the time was ripe to harvest the seeds he had sown from the day of her arrival. [Fate's Fables excerpt. traemitchell.com] Art by Ertac Altinoz

An elderly wizard intensely gazes at a dangerous artifact known as The Charm by *ertacaltinoz on deviantART


One of the most fascinating figures in the Welsh mythology and the Arthurian legend is Merlin, the great wizard, prophet and adviser to several kings. 'Merlin and Arthur' by Willian O’Connor. You don't see many paintings of this part of the story.