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Festive wrapping inspiration

I don’t know about you, but I love wrapping Christmas presents. I tend to set aside a weekend afternoon, put on some festive tunes, pour myself a glass of wine, and take over the entire living-room fl

orange + pink

Pink and orange is not usually my favorite color combo, but this has me craving summer fruits.

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Journal: Daydreaming -blow sparkles or paper? (depends on person in picture) -zoom out and have the pieces of blown paper make a picture on the edges of the daydream

DIY Gemstone Soap Kit

DIY Gemstone Soaps + My MakersKit Collaboration

Epic Mother's Day Ideas DIY Gemstone Soaps - If at first glance you thought these were healing crystals, think again. These marbled beauties are handmade gemstone soaps made with food coloring, opaque and clear soap bases. /stylecaster/ Presented by C

Keep stalking, it’s funny. Why don’t you be mad about something other then a child spending time with a parent they don’t see.

When I see a photo like this it lessens my guilt over the 45 years of brush collection I presently own. Artists always have a variety of jars and bottles containing brushes and art supplies

“One, two, three” Dina counted, as I moved at the rhythm of the music she was playing. My shoes were tight, hurting my feet, but I kept going. And again. And again.

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Patrón floral

A side project for textile designer, Shelley Steer, and graphic designer, Louise Fernando. I like their tropical prints very muchly.