Felt cactus pincushion tutorial, www.deschdanja.ch

Cactus Pin Cushion We are loving this cute little sewing companion. I'd add a tiny felt flower in pink or purple too! Felt cutting in light green Sewing thread in white Filler / polyfill Fittingly small flowe.

Шляпная коробка - Клуб Сезон

Turban/kerchief thing - ends wrap up to opposite side and loop over button

Modern nature pendant made from exotic wood with dandelion "wishes" encased in resin created by NikibarsNatureArt on Etsy.

Nature Inspired Pendant - Wood and Resin Dandelion Necklace - Green Resin Wood Necklace - Real Flower Jewelry - Resin Dandelion Necklace

Tying instructions for a Tichel. Different colors available

Kaly Easy Head Cover Boutique: Rinati Lakel