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sans and the human!! (underswap)<<<<that's adorable and US sans would totally do that xD

sans and the human! (underswap)<<<<that's adorable and US sans would totally do that xD

hardly_working_by_peachiekeenie-d9ifsbq.png (700×2139)

Underswap AU where jobs and roles get mixed around, but the base personalities remain the same.

Steven Tag by PoltergeistCat614

The first time Galaxite met Steven. and the last time she ever underestimated him. Q: who the frickle frack is Galaxite A: Ma gem OC I'm taking out two birds with one stone here. This was done fo.


If you want an awesome game with great storytelling, play Undertale. I have not played it yet, I intend to do it but I actually started watching the pacifist gameplay on Game Grumps… and I could not.

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God, forgive me the earth and the heavens for such jokes and taunts. Ahaha, I’m sorry, but all this is done for jokes and the poor Bird fell under the joke XDDD