китайская угроза

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Мир товарищей

Awesome combination of pinup and propaganda posters in illustrations by Russian artist Valery Barykin.

Фотожаба на советские плакаты

Фотожаба на советские плакаты

Stalin Lenin Propaganda poster Soviet art Old by SovietPoster

So as a reaction to the recently passed anti-gay laws, Russian gay rights activists have taken various Soviet propaganda posters and adapted them into pride posters instead.  Mostly they did this just by putting rainbow flags everywhere.  But I gotta say, a lot of the original Soviet propaganda posters were pretty damn gay already.  These are unedited Sino-Soviet propaganda posters. With their insistent and repetitive slogans of “Always together!” and “Friends forever!” and the aggressive…

Homoerotic Sino-USSR friendship propaganda from the


Trump is going to make America Russia again - a kleptocracy with massive wealth inequality and hordes of neo-nazis roaming the streets attacking people of color, lgbtq folks, and political opponents.


Absolutey Stunning Artworks And Funny Soviet Posters In The Pin-Up Style By Valery Barykin

Spectacular Retro Pin-Up Style Artwork By Valery Barykin - Neatorama

Cool Sino Soviet Propaganda Images

Sino Soviet Propaganda: During the fifties, relations were benign, even if the roots of the Sino-Soviet split originated in the

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