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an oil painting of grapes hanging from a branch
a bunch of green grapes hanging from a branch
the inside of a large white flower
Artist Angela Glajcar.
the letters are made up of white paper
the colors of wooden planks are shown in this image, and there is no image to describe
Shou-Sugi-Ban - DPAGES - a design publication for lovers of all things cool & beautiful
Dating back to the 1700s, the shou-sugi-ban process can vary, but typically involves applying fire to the wood’s surface, cooling it, brushing away excess soot...
a white gate in front of a house
Beautiful automatic driveway gate.
a very long hallway with some lights on the ceiling and water running down the wall
20+ Cool Showers for Contemporary Homes - World of Architecture
AMAZING SHOERS FR CONTEMPORARY HOMES | 20+ Cool Showers for Contemporary Homes | #contemporarydesign #contemporarydecor
the interior of a house with moss growing on the ground and trees in the window
Natural Home Architectural & Interior Design
Natural home - Seattle-based Gary Gladwish Architecture created this natural home architectural & interior design for a homeowner who had dreamed of living on this island for 54 years before actually making her move. The hillside home on a forest lot on Orcas Island in Washington State sits on a slope dotted with madrone trees, firs, beech, thistle, moss and rocks.
a painting of a forest with waterfall and mountains in the backgroung area
Dracovallis - The Bard And The Warrior (Epic Fantasy Soundtrack Music)
Day 12 favorite location: Rivendale
a painting of a forest with trees, rocks and plants in the foreground is a bridge that leads to a waterfall
a painting of trees and rocks in a forest
Sam's Tasty Art
A crack in the land from an ancient earthquake, so that the two halves of the forest tilt inward toward each other.
an image of a waterfall in the middle of a forest with green plants and rocks
Lair by gerezon on DeviantArt
a person using a knife to cut something out of some kind of wood with it's carving tool
Woodworking Jigs Tumblr
Wood Finishing Techniques: Hand Carved