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How to transform an old clawfoot bathtub into a charming garden ring,Hoffman.iizz n pond with aquatic plants.

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Your Tremendous 8 Step Approach to DIY Superstardom

Such a good idea: Soda Bottle Drip Feeder for Vegetables. Bury a plastic bottle with small holes to water your plant's roots.brilliant in arid climates!

How to reuse pieces of an old garden hose (Alternative Energy and Gardning)

How to reuse pieces of an old garden hose (Alternative Gardening)

How to reuse pieces of an old garden hose How to Make a Raised Garden Bed Cover Project Hoop House

Building a Living Fence - I like this idea

Living Fences: How-To, Advantages, and Tips

Building a Living Fence: Osage orange trees (Maclura pomifera), also called hedge apple or horse apple. For an incredibly tough, enduring windbreak that’s a major player in a local ecology, probably nothing surpasses Osage orange.

How To Make A Stand Cast Birdbath in Leaf Shape

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16 DIY to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Fruit picker: You may never look at plastic bottles the same way again! 16 INGENIOUS ways to reuse plastic bottles to make amazing useful things for our home and garden!

Home made wasp trap. Never know when you might need this

DIY Wasp Traps & Solutions for the Backyard

Prairie Story: Homemade Wasp Trap DONT KILL THE BEES! use meat or Add vinegar and a banana peel to the sugar and water. The honeybees do not go in the trap but the wasps and yellow jackets will.