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an image of the virgin mary with doves and roses in her hand, surrounded by birds
The Virgin Mary
an old photo of a woman with flowers
a statue of a man with a dog
Companion of Diana - statue marble by Rene Fremin, 1717
an image of a woman holding a bow and arrow in her hand with the caption saying, salvat da classical beauty - of the past tumbi com
Guillamume Seignac Diana The Huntress 1870 Roman Mythology Goddess Of The Hunt Moon And Nature Art Print by FAMOUS RESTORED ART
the statue is white and has a black background
Diana: Roman Goddess of the Hunt | History Unveiled
In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the hunt, mythologically similar to the Greek goddess Artemis.
a painting of a woman and two dogs
“Diana and Endymion” by Johann Grund, (c. 19th century) Greyhounds are often depicted as the hunting dog of the goddess Diana, who the Roman’s believed had the power to talk to and control animals.
a painting of a woman sitting on the ground next to a deer with horns around her neck
Diana, Goddess of the Hunt
a white statue sitting on top of a pile of rocks next to a gray wall
an artistic painting of a statue holding a vase
Diana the Huntress
Neo Art Mixed Media, Watercolor Art 05-03-2019 Diana Statue (Diana the Huntress) Roman Sculpture, ...