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Blood drips

Jenn) I was done with everyone talking shit about me and say all this stuff. I walked to my bath room and I grabbed my raisor and started to cut then I passed out. You were coming over to see if I wanted to hang out when you find me

Lukas' partner at the time of his death. & Jasper

The shot rang out in his ears and Dan startled, nearly dropping Gavin. He head /pounded/ and Dan clenched his eyes shut." He snapped.

Chart of the Heavens

Steel engraving (probably by John Emslie) for Milner's A Descriptive Atlas of Astronomy and of Physical and Political Geography, Ward & Lock edition, no later than Main image diameter 213 mm., sheet 300 x 230 mm.


Old-Timey Constellation Map for Summertime Stargazing - the stars don't change, why not use an old-timey map?