FADED PINK Knitted colorblock sweater for women KENZO

Pink and red are huge colours this and even But tieing them together with soft aqua is really fresh. It works because blue and red are primary colours (and complimentary). Aqua is just a soft version of blue.

Comme des Garcons

Maybe cut up a felted jumper to make this, or if you have the patience, pick up the stitches (unfelted) and cast off . could even crochet into the cut edge (Knitting Relay). Add a pretty shirt to complete the look!

Street Style из моей "копилки" (трафик) / Street Style / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Discover thousands of images about Breaking Rules Fall Inspo by Stephanie STERJOVSKI

s1500 (309×900)

Fox Fur Trimmed Hooded Cashmere Poncho, Ribbed Layered Turtleneck Tunic & Side-Zip Stretch Leather Leggings by Brunello Cucinelli at Neiman Marcus.

Knit skirt with lace up detail

Lace Up Clothing – The Hottest trend of 2016

Fotos de Detalles

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