Boobs vs butts

Boobs versus Butts: The debate finally settled via Pornhub stats HQ Photos)


Map of Russia, Art.

World map for Chile

What the world looks like to different people, as shown by seven…

World map for South Africa

Maps of the world in different countries South Africa

World map for Europe

Map of the world develops our outlook of the environment. But, we need to keep in mind that flat map is only relative and distorted image of our spherical world.

5303761_original.jpg (600×465)

“Women’s Economic Opportunity Index. Map by Zara Matheson shows the rankings

20 способов разделить Европу

Atlas de los prejuicios, 20 ways to slice the European continent from Atlas of Prejudice 2 by Yanko Tsvetkov.

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Compared the top 200 most frequently used words in each European country’s Wikipedia page and took the most commonly used unique word.

World map for China

World Hema Mega Map (Pacific Centred) 2320 x Paper

Passport colors

Your passport color might tell you something about your countries values