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The Vintage Orbit gas station in Sacramento, California is an example of ‘Googie’ architecture. There are a number of vintage Orbit gas stations all over the country but few are still operational, or as well kept as this one is.

Localarchitecture . The New Market Square Cover . Renens (1)

Remens France New Cement market square cover, Concrete market square. Almost sort of an odd Googie Architecture Throwback. Looks more like a Musselini's marketplace for mayhem than a place to buy produce, the sharp heavy tall cover ready to topple and

Googie is a ultramodern architectural style that helps us understand post  WWII American futurism. A style built   on  exaggeration; on dramatic angles; on  plastic, steel and neon and wide-eyed technological optimism with inspiration from Space Age ideals and rocketship dreams. We find Googie at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, Space Needle in Seattle, mid-century design of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland,  Arthur Radebaugh‘s postwar illustrations & countless coffee shops and motels across the…

Googie is a ultramodern architectural style that blossomed after WWII. American futurism, space age or atomic themes: features dramatic angles and a touch of whimsy, in plastic, steel and neon.