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Artem Yushin
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ScriboChat - Redesign

ScriboChat - Redesign by Nimasha Sewwandi Perera

Modal iteration

They are an effective user interface element when you design and use them right. So in this post I`ve put together 40 Excellent Modal Window UI Designs for

The Beauty of Solitude

This weekend I took the chance to experiment with Brandon Grotesque, a typeface I rarely use. One thing I like about it is that it keeps its sharp edges throughout its weights. It als.

A Tens Tidbit

Hey everyone! Theses are probably my favorite pages from the Tens booklet. I like the style and the vibe of the photograph a lot. It creates a nice contrast to the page on the left and fits well w.

YourMechanic - Reschedule widget

Hey friends, one of the iterations on time selection widget, this one had the best results from user testing (remember to always validate your ideas with users :) ), to be revealed more soon.