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a vase with some flowers in it on the floor
Large Rustic Vase | Design Vintage
This Large Rustic Vase is perfect for creating stunning botanical displays. Made of clay with a rustic concrete look it fits into any type of decor.
two vases sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table with a plant in it
Rustic Concrete Planter Small | Design Vintage
The Small Rustic Concrete Planter is a pretty clay planter with a rustic concrete finish, from House Doctor in Denmark. These planters are handmade so each one will vary just very slightly. With a removable plastic liner they are fully waterproof, perfect for plants or flowers.
three cement planters sitting next to each other on concrete steps in front of a pink wall
Set of Clara Terracotta Pots | Design Vintage | Tine K Home | Vintage Pots
These beautiful Set of Clara Terracotta Pots by Tine K Home in Denmark are ideal for herbs and plants. The raw terracotta is stunning and reminiscent of mediterranean gardens with its faded colouring.
a white and black vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to a brown wall
Round Clay Jar | Design Vintage | Vintage Terracotta Pot | Tine K Home
Our Round Clay Jar is a stunning handmade pot by Tine K Home in a beautifully pale shade of terracotta. Gone are the usual orange tones and using traditional methods we have instead a beautiful pale patina reminiscent of vintage pieces which have been left to weather for years in the mediterranean sun.
three vases sitting on top of tables next to each other
Agnes Grey Terracotta Pot | Wikholmform | Design Vintage
Our Agnes Grey Terracotta Pot by Swedish design house Wikholmform, is handcrafted in terracotta with a stunning grey textured finish.
there are many vases that have flowers in them on the black table top with brick flooring
Flow Round Aluminium Vase | Design Vintage | House Doctor | Aluminium Vase
The stylish Flow Round Aluminium Vase from House Doctor in Denmark is an eye-catching piece with a contemporary look perfect for faux or dried flowers
the shelves are filled with different types of vases and bowls on them, along with books
Juno Camel Vase | Design Vintage | House Doctor | Rustic Camel Vase
In beautiful glazed china clay, the Juno Camel Vase from Society of Lifestyle has an individual and unique handmade style. Each may differ just slightly due to the handmade nature.
three white crocheted vases with plants in them on a blue round table
Handcrafted from cement, our Aoba pots have a sculptural, textured surface. Perfect for showing off your favourite plants, or beautiful as a stand alone piece.