Marchesa designs are everything to me. They are filled with so much hard work and the amount of detail is incredible.

Marchesa Fall 2016

Marchesa Fall 2016 Collection is a buffet of palatial styles, unforgettable formal dresses and designer evening gowns fit for a Princess.

Absolutely Stunning!! Makes you wish you had a lifestyle to casually match it. :)

Would be pretty for a bride Piaget Limelight Garden Diamond Garland Necklace - white gold set with 468 brilliant-cut diamonds, 40 marquise-cut diamonds and 2 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Aigrette; in form of crescent; trembler spray of flowers; silver and gold; closed-back; set with diamonds.  c1770.  Italy

Description Aigrette in the form of crescent with a trembler spray of flowers. Silver and gold with a closed-back and set with diamonds. Date 1770 (circa)

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Vera Wang Crystal Rosette Necklace - I have so many diamonte's that I could up-cycle to make this ♥

Deepa Gurnani Geometric Statement Necklace

Geometric Statement Necklace

The diamond necklace, part of the French crown jewels was collier aux quartre rivieres, a four-strand diamond necklace which originally had two large shoulder bows. Set with 222 diamonds weighing a total of 363 carats. The French Crown Jewels (A)

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