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Easy quilting tutorials with step-by-step guides on how to make a quilt - from choosing the right pattern to binding a quilt. Get expert tips and tricks!
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the cover of an article about modern bear paw quilts and pattern ideas, with colorful squares
How To Make A Modern Bear Claw Quilt | Step-by-Step Tutorial + Bear Paw Pattern Designs
Want to learn how to make a bear paw quilt block? Learn all about the bear paw quilt block versions, how to make a bear claw quilt block, and get awesome modern quilt pattern ideas for bear claw quilts!
the modern pinwheel quilt block variations
Free Pinwheel Quilt Pattern + Quilt Block Ideas
This free pinwheel quilt pattern is a great choice if you want to learn how to make a pinwheel quilt. Learn how to make a pinwheel block, how to add sashing and get a modern pinwheel quilt. It's beginner friendly!
the words learn how to make modern quilt borders in blue, pink and white squares
Contemporary Quilt Border Ideas | 8 Geometric Border Designs
Want to make a larger quilt or add a personal touch to the quilt top design? Add a border! Discover these modern quilt border ideas that will elevate your quilt to the next level!
If you’ve ever wondered how to make a quilted cushion, you’re at the right place! Follow our maxi quilted cushion tutorial and make a comfy and fun accessory for your home. Great afternoon quilting project!
Easy Maxi Quilted Cushion Tutorial + Free Pattern
If you’ve ever wondered how to make a quilted cushion, you’re at the right place! Follow our maxi quilted cushion tutorial and make a comfy and fun accessory for your home. Great afternoon quilting project!
four different colored blocks with the same design
9 Easy Quilt Block That Look Difficult │ Simple Tutorials
Searching for simple quilt blocks a beginner can make? Browse these awesome yet easy quilting blocks, piece from squares and rectangles. And discover simple quilt patterns ideas on how to use these blocks in a quilt top!
the perfect quilt binding corner is shown with text overlays that reads easy instructions to make
How To Get Perfect Mitered Corners On A Quilt | Easy Tutorial With Tricks
Wondering how to get perfect quilt corners every time? Get to know our tips, tricks, and secrets for perfect mitered binding corners!
an image of a quilt pattern with different colors
Pinwheel Quilt Block Variations + Free Pattern
Get a free pinwheel quilt pattern and learn how to make this traditional quilt step by step. Discover awesome pinwheel quilt block variations!
how to machine bind a quilt with invisible method
Machine Binding A Quilt | Tutorial For Invisible Seam On The Front
How to machine bind a quilt with stitch in the ditch? Follow this tutorial and learn how to bind a quilt with invisible seam!
the cover of bear paw quilt patterns for modern quilters, featuring colorful geometric shapes
The Classic Bear Paw Block Turned Modern | Simple Tutorial + Pattern Ideas
Learn how to make this classic quilt block to an awesome modern quilt! Discover modern variations of the bear paw block and get inspired by our favorite bear claw quilt patterns!
an easy quilt block pattern with the text easy quilt blocks
9 Beginner-Friendly Quilt Blocks That Are Easy To Make + Pattern Examples
Learn how to make 9 incredibly easy quilt blocks that just look difficult. Simple tutorials with pattern examples Make an amazing quit even if you’re a beginner!
the sewing machine is next to some pieces of paper
How To Chain Piece A Quilt | Simple Tutorial
The ultimate quilter's hack to speed up the piecing process! The chain piecing method is a game changer for every quilter. Learn how to do it with this simple illustrated tutorial!
four different colored lines are shown in the same pattern as they appear to be made out of
8 Simple Quilt Border Ideas For Modern Quilters
This Simple Quilt Border Design Guide gives you everything you need to know to make a modern border for your quilt. These contemporary quilt border design ideas will give your quilt a modern twist!
someone is making a quilt with the text, bind a quilt by machine no visible seams on the front
How To Machine Bind A Quilt | Stitch In The Ditch Method (No Seam Visible)
Binding a quilt with no visible seam on the quilt top? Use this invisible stitch in the ditch binding method. Follow our step by step tutorial with tips and tricks included!
an abstract geometric pattern with the word data on it in blue, pink, green and yellow
Modern Bear Paw Quilt Blocks + Pattern Ideas
Searching for modern bear paw quilt pattern ideas? Follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to make a bear paw block and browse our favorite modern bear claw quilt pattern ideas!
the ultimate modern quilt borderer's guide for beginners to make their own designs
The Ultimate Quilt Border Guide For Modern Quilters
This Guide on quilt borders will show you 8 different modern quilting border ideas! Simple and fun tutorials to learn how to make one-piece quilt border, what is a piano keys quilt border, or how to make an improv quilt border design.