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Learn how to baste your quilt and prepare it for quilting with our step-by-step tutorials. Get different basting techniques explained with tips and tricks to…
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Add a special touch to your quilt backing with these geometric backing layout ideas. Explore our selection of 20+ simple quilt backing ideas designed for modern quilters!
Contemporary Quilt Backing Designs: 20+ Simple Quilt Backing Patterns
Add a special touch to your quilt backing with these geometric backing layout ideas. Explore our selection of 20+ simple quilt backing ideas designed for modern quilters!
the book cover for 20 + ideas to make quilt backing look modern, with an image of
20+ Geometric Design Ideas For Modern Quilt Backing
Want to piece quilt backing like a modern quilter? Browse these 20+ contemporary pieced quilt backing ideas and discover different quilt backing techniques that will make your quilt look modern!
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Quilt Backing Fabric Calculator + Piecing Tips
Don't know how to calculate fabric requirements for your quilt backing? This quilt backing calculator will give you exact fabric requirements and will show you how to piece it efficiently. Plus, it is completely free!
the cover of simple quilt backing ideas, with colorful squares and stripes on it in bright colors
How To Piece Quilt Backing To Look Modern | 20+ Geometric Design Ideas
Discover more than 20 modern pieced quilt backing ideas! Learn how to piece backings in a modern way and explore our favorite geometric patterns!
how to calculate quilt backing yardage with this free sewing pattern and instructions
Quilt Backing Calculator - Free Quilting Tool
Wondering how much fabric you need for your quilt backing? This Quilt Backing Calculator is the perfect tool that helps you quickly and accurately calculate the amount of yardage you need for the quilt backing. Enter the basic measurements and the calculator will provide you with fabric requirements and give you tips how to piece it efficiently.
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Fabric Requirements For Quilt Backing - Free Calculator For Quilters
Looking for a quilting tool that will help you calculate the exact fabric requirement for your quilt backing? Use this free quilt backing calculator! Get backing fabric requirements and number of seams needed to piece it!
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Quilt Backing Calculator | Accurate Fabric Yardage + Efficient Piecing
Searching for an accurate and easy way to calculate quilt backing? Use Quilt Backing Calculator! This simple quilting tool will give you the exact backing yardage and efficient piecing instructions. Finally you'll be sure your quilt backing will fit perfectly!
the contemporary quilting book cover for contemporary quilts, featuring colorful squares and lines
Modern Quilt Backing | 20+ Design Ideas With Tutorials
Discover simple quilt backing patterns that'll make your quilting projects stand out. Get 20+ simple backing pattern ideas, perfect for all modern quilters!
the free quilt backing calculator
Quilt Backing Calculator | Accurate Fabric Requirements & Efficient Piecing
Want to piece your quilt backing accurately and efficiently? Use this Quilt Backing Calculator! It provides you the exact fabric requirements for your quilt backing, numbers of seams needed with tips how to piece it efficiently!
geometric quilting patterns with text overlay that reads, 20 geometric quilt backing patterns
20+ Simple Modern Quilt Backing Patterns
Discover the perfect backing design to complement your quilt - from geometric patterns to minimalist layouts. Get inspired by more than 20 contemporary backing designs!
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How To Efficiently Piece Quilt Backing + Free Chart
Wondering how to piece a quilt backing? Learn all about efficient piecing: from cutting out the fabric to piecing it together. Tips and tricks are included!
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How To Baste A Quilt: 4 Different Methods Explained
Learn how to baste a quilt in 4 different ways! Each method is explained with its pros and cons. Learn all about basting a quilt and find which method works best for you!
quilt backing size and yardage with the text, free chart for quilt backing sizes and yardage
All About Quilt Backing | Piecing Tutorial + Free Chart
Learn all about quilt backing a quilter needs to know: how to calculate yardage, how to efficiently piece backing, and how much overage you need. A free chart is included!
a woman is making a quilt with scissors and thread on the table top, next to some silver chains
Quilt Basting Explained | 4 Different Basting Methods + Tips
Learn all about basting a quilt! From making that perfect quilt sandwich to mastering four different basting methods. Get tips and tricks and learn how to make a quilt sandwich on your own!
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How to Calculate Quilt Backing Yardage
Want to learn how to do quilt backing calculations? This tutorial will show you how you can easily calculate how much fabric is needed for your quilt backing. Learn about methods of piecing the quilt backing!