Sculpture from iron strings by David Oliveira

sculpture made from iron strings. by Portuguese artist David Oliveira string sculpture Oliveira

I want to give as much as I can to YO/U... I do...

Experimental Art-Huk Huk-Bowl and Small Space by South Korean Digital Artist Kyu-In Shim

Surreal Ceramics That Look Like Wood

Surreal Ceramics That Look Like Wood

Japanese photographer Yuichi Ikehata creates realistic sculptures of human body parts using clay, wire and paper. He then photographs the sculptures and merges them into unrealistic worlds to create Long Term Memory (LTM), an ongoing photographic series that “puts audiences in the ambivalent position of not knowing what is real and what is not.”

Yuichi Ikehata’s Sculpted Photographs. Japanese artist Yuichi Ikehata sculpts disintegrating body parts, photographs them and then manipulates them using various programs resulting in truly haunting.


Kudos for the amazing work of the artist Gavin Worth with these different wire sculptures. Currently based in San Francisco, he designed the figurative sculptures from 2 meters of wire.