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Dark Corner Bestiary - Wendigo

Said to be a canibalistic disease of the heart/mind in which the affected person consumes the lives of other humans and things with no regard for the natural balance of things… equated to greed and a deep fear of lack. *clears throat* UNTIL DAWN

Wendigo by ~TheRutheLa on deviantART

The Wendigo is a creature of North American (Algonquian speaking cultures) origin, part man, part beast and part tree, he is said to be born of one who .


Wendigo: A cannibalistic monster in Northern Native American folklore, particularly stemming from the Ojibwe and Cree. A human can become a Wendigo when they consume human flesh, or when a Wendigo overtakes them.

「刀剣乱舞ログ2」/「nisso」の漫画 [pixiv]

「刀剣乱舞ログ2」/「nisso」の漫画 [pixiv]