"Emily" She likes dark colors and crazy ideas she likes being unique and LOVES the schools quarter back who also so happens to be the team captain she's a shy around boys but loud around her own kind very close to her friend "Angel" due to the fact that her mom's a business women who's never around and her father dies at age 8 from cancer

Soo for the first time in ages, I tried painting sth semi-realistic again ; I usually totally fail this style haha this one still doesn't look the way I want it to, but at least it's not a comp. <<---I LOVE THIS DO MORE ART

Waiting... by DestinyBlue on @DeviantArt

by DestinyBlue on Wow, this painting makes you feel so much emotion. I love how just one look captured in a second can show longing, wondering, hopefulness. That is what art's supposed to be :)

The wavy hair though looks so real and detailed!~ :33 x"33 awesome! :D

Been very busy nowadays. Ok fine I'm playing a lot of Overwatch&nbsp;and then there's the witcher 3 expansion coming out I mean come on!

The hair is perfect for Tass! Everything else...no.

Girl DJ Cartoon Character Illustration feeling music this is stunning the colours are so warm however the girl looks more unsure and focused.

One of latest in tinted hair is the exciting cool blue ombre hairstyle. Colors range from a shimmery pale icy tint to a deep dark velvety blue.

Final Fantasy 6 Terra / Tina

this is my request mina san! i hardly imagine myself doing something like that but ill give it a try too. please participate