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white phosphorus vapor01 by Transmit-and-Receive

The jawbones would gradually rot away and would actually glow a greenish-white color in the dark. Surgical removal of the afflicted jaw bones might save.

Can You Translate These Redneck Slang Terms?!! How well do you know the terms “Rednecks” use? We give you a word or phrase

I Got True Redneck Linguist! Whether you’re from the South, are a rural farmer, or just happen to know these fun and popular phrases, you are a True Redneck Linguist! We bet you just had a hankerin’ to take a Redneck slang quiz, didn’t you?

For The Love of Horror

Wedding Bells are Ringing ( a painting I did just because lol love conquers all. Lol Jason overcomes his fear of water to be with the Sadako )