Деменкова Елена

Деменкова Елена

Деменкова Елена
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Le chat à la fenêtre, Brassai. Retrouvez d'autres photos originales de #Paris sur le tableau "Paris est une fête" @bonjourbibiche https://fr.pinterest.com/bonjourbibiche/paris-est-une-f%C3%AAte/

Brassai, the lines from the windows kind of adds to a balance and the cat is placed in an area of rule of thirds which makes this picture interesting

Mon sombre ami ! Le Corbeau, messager de la Mort...

I have always had a thing for crows, since I rescued one as a baby and raised him. I really want a crow tattoo. Crow Throughout history, the crow has been associated with both positive and negative symbolic meanings. The most common are:

Брассай, черно-белые фотографии Brassaï, ретро фото, Gyula Halász

Brassaï in Paris: A Photographer's Love Letter to the City of Light